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Fatal error: Call to undefined method JDate::toFormat() in joomla 3

Got the answer:
is deprecated in joomla 3
use Format

Example :

$cur_year    = $date->Format('%Y');

PHP Notice: Use of undefined constant _ISO – assumed ‘_ISO’

<meta http-equiv=”Content-Type” content=”text/html; <?php DEFINE(‘_ISO’,’charset=iso-8859-1′); echo _ISO; ?>” />

Solution :

Put this one [DEFINE(‘_ISO’,’charset=iso-8859-1′); ] before echo 😉

How to Uninstall jSecure Authentication

How to Uninstall jSecure Authentication:
To remove the code by manually, please follow the below steps
1. Login to mysql through phpmyadmin or whatever you use
2. Search for “jsecure” with following SQL:
* SELECT * FROM jos_plugins where element = ‘jSecure’

1. Delete the row
2. Remove following jSecure files:
* /plugins/system/jsecure.php
* /plugins/system/jsecure.xml
Thank You.

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