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Widgetkit Update for Yootheme

First of all install the Widgetkit component/plug-in for your new site.

If it is Joomla and you have some experience with phpMyAdmin (or a similar tool):

With xyz_ being your old site’ table prefix and abc_ that of your new site, you could then export all records from xyz_widgetkit_widget and import them into abc_widgetkit_widget.

Should you be in WordPress: The Widgetkits are saved along with other content in the table wp_xyz_posts. Look for WIDGETKIT in the column post_type. You could selectively export these records and import the lot into the corresponding table of your new site’s database.

Where in doubt about working in a database please ask your site’s webmaster for assistance.

Of course make sure the images are copied to the same relative location on the new server.

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